Semi Conductors

Semiconductors must be constructed using precision and versatility, especially due to the penetration of materials like silicon wafers, which is a service that fiber lasers can offer better than any alternative. Alongside this, additive manufacturing has allowed for new techniques and practices to be adopted within the semiconductor industry such as creating parts which are more complex and stronger.

SPI Lasers and the semiconductor industry

Our redENERGY 100W Pulsed Laser have been designed with plenty of applications in mind, delivering robust, efficient and reliable solutions; making it the perfect laser for something like cutting silicon wafers. See what our lasers can do below.

In 2019 SPI Lasers were approached by Pyramid Engineering to supply an evaluation laser for a new welding system being developed for a telecommunications customer (Fig 1).As a leading designer & integrator of high precision welding systems... read more >

As can be seen, semiconductors have many engravings in them

Laser Engraving in the Semi-conductor Industry

Application Insight
Posted on 11/10/2018

Lasers have become an incredibly important part of the semiconductor industry. As the industry has grown, so too has its need for efficient, reliable and cost-effective processes to match demand. Lasers were the obvious solution for this, and they... read more >

Lasers are used throughout the semiconductor industry, and they play a crucial role in many process stages. Here you will find an overview of their use in the industry, but our primary focus is on the application of fiber lasers in wafer dicing;... read more >

The technology to use additive manufacturing has been around for more than three decades, but it’s only quite recently that it’s been possible to explore this in more depths.A number of different industries have benefitted from this... read more >

Lasers have been used to process wafers for many years. The main benefits of using a Laser are:Faster processing times; Smaller kerf widths; Minimal dross; No micro-cracking; Ability to process different wafer materials and... read more >