Fiber lasers are increasingly being used as the preferred alternative to conventional methods for scientists, lab technicians, and engineers. Due to fiber laser’s ability to deliver a high peak beam with an ultrafast, stable duration, they can be used for multiple applications in the science market.

Scientific applications of fiber lasers

Such applications include medical, metrological, as well as sample labelling and scientific research for the military. Fiber lasers are opening up new paths for such research, delivering robust, cost-effective results for an industry where precision, safety, and accuracy are paramount. Read our application insights and articles relating to the scientific industry in the section below.

One scientific use for fiber lasers is within the medical field

Scientific Uses of Fiber Laser Technology

Application Insight
Posted on 09/09/2016

Fiber lasers are a cost-effective, high-performance alternative too many of the other laser solutions that are currently on the market. Their adaptable nature means that they are useful to a wide number of industries, including military, industrial... read more >