The jewellery industry has been a rapid adopter of fiber laser technology and has moved away from centuries-old traditional techniques by embracing this new technology. The industry has some fundamental drivers, which are quality-centered, with an emphasis on luxury (but often value for money), where eccentric and unusual designs can often clinch the sale!

The jewellery industry is highly regulated to protect the quality and fiber lasers can help by adding hallmarks and other quality markings as well as actually constructing quality pieces. SPI Lasers believe that any jewellery industry manufacturer will benefit from a fiber laser investment.

Jewellery industry applications and uses

Fiber lasers work with all of the primary materials used within the jewellery (e.g. gemstones, metals, silicon, etc). Custom fiber laser solutions are available, which are specifically tailored to the jewellery industry, where precision accuracy and minimal wastage are key drivers.

Read our detailed articles to learn about the following capabilities in more detail:

  • Ablation and cleaning – surface preparation prior to welding, cleaning after other jewellery processes, the trimming of any rough edges can be ablated off
  • 3D printing (additive manufacturing) – the 3D printing of complex and unusual shapes to WOW jewellery customers, also the 3D printing of tools and accessories used in the industry
  • Cutting – the high-precision cutting of gemstones, silicon, metals and other materials used in the industry can easily be achieved with a fiber laser
  • Engraving and marking – the addition of scribing, jewellery hallmarks, messages and other types of markings as required
  • Drilling – providing high-quality, often microscopic drill holes on all type of jewellery materials, including even diamonds
  • Welding – the seamless joining of metals (in particular, dissimilar metals) and other materials can be achieved

Watch SPI Lasers video about deep engraving, this is frequently used in the jewellery industry

SPI Lasers and the jewellery industry

The jewellery market requires precise, intricate Laser cuttingmarking and etching, and fiber lasers are perfectly placed to achieve this. Alongside these applications, fiber lasers offer plenty of other value to jewellery products, ensuring each piece of jewellery is manufactured, designed or adapted perfectly for the end user. Additive manufacturing is another popular application that is increasingly being adopted in the jewellery market and has led to the creation of many new designs and innovations to offer the highest level of quality, craftsmanship, and service to anyone looking for a new piece of jewellery. Contact us today and we can discuss the ideal specifications to supply the perfect fiber laser for your machines, systems or organisation.

Immediately below are a selection of application insights and postcards relating to fiber laser applications of the jewellery industry, we hope you find them informative!

Gold is one of the metals that fiber laser engraving is compatible with

Fiber Laser Engraving in the Jewellery Industry

Application Insight
Posted on 03/03/2020

Engraving is just one of the applications for which fiber laser technology is an effective choice. For the most part, the attention paid to fiber laser engraving focuses on its industrial use in areas including car manufacturing (including... read more >

Jewellers around the world are increasingly aware of the benefits of fiber lasers in jewellery manufacturing. Of particular benefit are rapid prototyping and small-batch manufacturing, which we now go on to... read more >

Figure 2: Colour swatches, on stainless steel, made at 125 kHz showing the effect of scan speed and average power – marked with an SPI fiber laser.

How Can Fiber Lasers be used to Colour Mark Jewellery?

Application Insight
Posted on 15/06/2019

Many industries benefit from the use of fiber lasers. One such industry is the jewellery industry. The laser marking process is especially valuable in jewellery manufacture, where even colour marking can be applied to some metals. This is the topic... read more >

Diamonds are precious and benefit greatly from the precision of fiber laser drilling

How Can Laser Marking be Used to Mark and Inscribe Diamonds?

Application Insight
Posted on 24/03/2019

Fiber lasers are routinely used to mark a range of materials. Metal is perhaps the most common, other popular materials marked are ceramics, plastics, quartz substances, semi-conductors, etc. Diamonds represents a daunting challenge for marking as... read more >

Additive manufacturing is a popular process in the jewellery industry

Additive Manufacturing in the Jewellery Industry

Application Insight
Posted on 22/09/2018

When we think of how lasers play a role in the jewellery industry, we typically think of them being used to clean the jewellery or to engrave and mark it. However, another process which is gaining in popularity in this sector is additive... read more >

When combined with the appropriate 3D printer our Lasers are the perfect choice for creating delicate, yet extremely strong designs out of an array of powdered... read more >

Case Study

Detailed Marking and Cutting

Posted on 06/11/2015

Our low powered Pulsed Fiber Lasers can be used in the Jewellery industry to create spectacular and intricate designs. With high levels of back reflection – essentially ensuring the Laser beam does not reflect back inside the Laser damaging the... read more >