How Can Laser Marking be Used to Mark and Inscribe Diamonds?

Fiber lasers are routinely used to mark a range of materials. Metal is perhaps the most common, other popular materials marked are ceramics, plastics, quartz substances, semi-conductors, etc. Diamonds represents a daunting challenge for marking as it’s one of the hardest substances known to man. In this latest question & answer article, we explore how laser marking can be used to mark and inscribe diamonds.

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Diamonds are precious and benefit greatly from the precision of fiber laser drilling

What is diamond fiber laser marking?

Diamond fiber laser marking (which is also sometimes called inscription) is a method of marking a diamond with a fiber laser. The type of marks made vary and could include as examples letters, logos, numbers, trademarks, which are typically marked on the girdle of the diamond.

What are the reasons to mark a diamond?

There are numerous reasons to mark a diamond, which include:

  • Brand names – diamond manufacturers can brand a diamond as their own and in so doing distinguish their diamonds from those of competitors
  • Easy identification – through adding a unique serial number a diamond can easily be identified later (this number needs to be kept private though to reduce the risk of forgery)
  • Insurance stipulation – it may be a stipulation by insurance for a diamond to be inscribed
  • Personal dedication – an owner may wish to mark a diamond as part of a gift to a loved one by adding a dedication

Please note: We are only discussing diamonds in this article, but this process could just as easily be applied to marking of other precious gemstones (e.g. rubies and sapphires, etc.), which as they are softer than diamonds are easier to mark!

What are the benefits of marking diamonds with a fiber laser?

Here are some of the benefits of the fiber laser process:

  • Absolute precision – the markings are very fine, a fiber laser manages well at this degree of fineness
  • No damage – there will be no damage caused (to the diamond) and no need for re-polishing or cleaning of the diamond is needed
  • Non-contact – the process is entirely non-contact, the diamond is marked by a laser beam, which is remote to the diamond
  • Reliable – the marking process is 100% reliable and dependable and unlike traditional drilling methods is error-free

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