Which Industries Benefit the Most from Using Fiber Laser Engraving?

Fiber lasers deliver across a wide variety of applications and a frequently used one is engraving. This application is used in a variety of industries, we explore which industries benefit the most in this question and answer.

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The process is used in more ways than one in this sector

What are the similarities between laser marking and laser engraving?

The two processes are fairly similar and can be used interchangeably. In this article, by laser engraving we mean, a mark which is made below the surface level by the removal of material. Whereas a mark is typically applied at the surface level without the removal of any material.

Which Industries benefit the most from fiber laser engraving?

General – The following are in widespread use throughout many industries – the engraving of barcodes, data matrix codes, industry-specific codes, serial numbers, time stamps, tracking and also for inventory and parts control (e.g. loss prevention)

  • Aerospace – engraving of thousands of parts, particularly with serial numbers and barcodes. Read our guide
  • Automotive – the adding of VIN (vehicle identification number) codes to engines, adding identification codes to parts, the engraving of traceability codes and much more. Read our guide
  • Banking and security – in particular, for the creation of credit cards, ID cards and also various types of sensitive documents
  • Chemicals – the engraving of safety and warning notices (this is more secure than labels, which may slip off)
  • Electronics – the addition of traceability labels and serial numbers (often at microscopic levels). Read our guide
  • Jewellery – the addition of hallmarks and purity information, the engraving of names and personal messages, particularly on metal such as gold and silver
  • Medical – the marking and engraving of various tools and equipment, often on numerous different materials. Read our guide
  • Semi-conductors – the engraving of ceramics and silicon wafers, particularly for traceability are very important in this industry. Read our guide

Watch the SPI Lasers video about the deep engraving of ceramic tiles

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We hope you have enjoyed this question and answer article about fiber laser engraving and hope it has increased your awareness of the opportunities fiber lasers present for engraving.


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