Can Fiber Lasers be Used to Engrave Reflective Metals?

In our latest question and answer guide, we explore reflective metals and whether fiber lasers can be used to engrave them?

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Engraving clearly shown on gold bars, detailing purity and hallmark information

What are reflective metals?

The clue is in the name, reflective metals are ones which reflect back wavelengths, which are directed to them. There are many types of reflective metal with the most reflective being silver, which reflects around 95% of visible light. Other reflective metals include aluminium, brass, bronze, copper and gold.

What are some example applications of engraving reflective metals?

There are a range of engraving applications for reflective metals, a few examples are barcodes, logos, part numbers, purity and hallmark information (e.g. gold and silver bars) and serial numbers to name but a few examples.

What is the problem of engraving reflective metals with lasers?

A potential problem of engraving reflective metals is “flashback”. This is where the laser beam is “flashed back” at the laser, which naturally will cause damage to what is sensitive equipment and can cost significant amounts of money to fix.

How have SPI fiber lasers overcome the problem?

Fiber lasers operate differently to other forms of laser, such as gas and crystal lasers. Fiber lasers do not use delicate lenses, gases or mirrors and use fiber optic cables instead.

The use of fiber optic cables eliminate the reflective metals risk, this combined with SPI Lasers patented back reflection design means that organisations can safely engrave (and cut) reflective metals whenever they want, free of reflection risks.

SPI Lasers Tower Bridge – a video of a project, which involved working with reflective metals


Image Credit: Physical Gold

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