What are the Environmental Benefits of Fiber Laser Drilling?

Laser drilling is one of a number of fiber laser applications and is used to create holes of various shapes, sizes and dimensions with the ultimate of precision in what is regarded as a highly efficient and safe process.

But many customers ask about the green-benefits and the impact that fiber lasers will have on their carbon footprint, so we ask and answer the question “What are the environmental benefits of fiber laser drilling?”

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Laser drilling from SPI Lasers

Compactness of fiber lasers

Fiber lasers are very compact when compared to other types of drilling equipment. One way to reduce carbon footprint is to reduce factory space used and all the effects this has upon the environment (e.g. power, lighting, etc.) So, even the size of fiber lasers is a contribution. As an example, the largest dimensions of any of our models in the redENERGY G4 pulsed laser scanner range  are length 421mm x width 249mm x height 110mm.

Workflow integration

One fiber laser can perform multiple tasks itself and/or have drilling workflow integrated seamlessly with other machines. This integration can save on unnecessary transportation either inside a factory or to external partners and contributes to green-friendly targets.

Energy efficiency

Fiber lasers are highly energy efficient when compared to the majority of traditional drilling machines. This lower power usage is an obvious contributor to reducing an organisation’s carbon footprint!

Reduced tooling

Fiber lasers will need less tooling by comparison to other items of equipment. This saves in terms of the manufacturing “carbon footprint” of these tools as well as powering them for ongoing use.

Non-contact method

Laser drilling is a non-contact method. As the laser beam is remote from the object being drilled there will be no cross-contamination. This removes the need for cleaning, which arises using traditional techniques, which often necessitate the use of cleaning chemicals. In addition, there is no need for “contact parts” (such as new drilling heads), which reduces the carbon footprint even further!

SPI Lasers manufacturers of effective fiber lasers for drilling

We hope you have learned about how fiber laser drilling is a green-friendly alternative to traditional drilling techniques. Why not Contact SPI Lasers to discuss your organisation’s circumstances? We can explain how our pulsed and continuous wave fiber lasers can be used for drilling as well as many other applications too.

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