5 Great YouTube Videos about Laser Drilling

We’ve explored laser drilling with a great deal of content on this website, so we thought it would be good to include some videos of the process in action as well! You can find five great YouTube videos about laser drilling below, with a small description on each.

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Laser drilling rock

1)    Laser Drilling on History Channel


The ‘Laser Drilling on History Channel’ video is brought to us by the History Channel, who are instead looking towards the future in this piece. This video explores the process of laser drilling rock, which is done using help from the Argonne National Laboratory.

They look at the thermal fracturing method, the use of army lasers on rock, and how all of this can be used to help build sustainable and habitable underground bases for us to live in on Mars.

2)    Femtosecond laser drilling a 0.006 mm hole in the glass plate


One of the biggest advantages of the laser drilling process is that it is capable of working with a great number of different materials. It is easy for many machines to work with more durable materials such as metal, but it is difficult to find a machine that can successfully work with more fragile materials like glass or plastic.

Better still, a single laser drilling machine and setup can work with all of the different materials, without the need for multiple machines! This video shows us what the laser drilling of glass looks like in femtoseconds, which is one quadrillionth of a second.

Laser drilling glass

Laser drilling is also used on glass, without leaving messy holes like this!

3)    Laser Drilling part Deux


Following on from the above point, another material that laser drilling is commonly used with is diamonds. This is done in order to enhance the quality of the diamond by removing any scuffs or marks which bring the grade of the diamond down. Using the laser drilling process on a diamond can typically increase its grade rating by one point, and this YouTube video shows the before and after effect of this process.

4)    Laser Drilling of Aerospace components


Another huge advantage with laser drilling is the great number of industries that it is able to work within, which includes the automotive, electronics, semi-conductor, and medical industries.

In this YouTube clip, we can see laser drilling working with a component from the aerospace industry. Unlike the laser drilling of glass video we witnessed above, which works at a microscopic level, this video gives us a demonstration of laser drilling that the human eye can process.

It also shows just how many holes some parts need within industries such as the aerospace and automotive sectors, and laser drilling emerges as one of the only processes which can produce the number of accurate holes required within a short time frame.

5)    NCAB Group Production process step 7: The laser drilling process


The video above from the NCAB Group, who are the largest producers of printed circuit boards (PCBs) in the world, shows us how a laser drilling machine is used.

PCBs are commonly created using laser drilling, as the parts and components that are used are incredibly small and complicated. This makes the laser drilling process one of the most vital in the semi-conductor industry, and one of the only viable options too. You can get a much better taste of this from the video above.

Want to see a laser drilling machine in action yourself?

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Image credits: inkflo and kiwikong


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