5 Great YouTube Videos About Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is one of the most reliable and efficient processes available to industries around the world. While it is not a new process, recent advancements have seen it becoming increasingly effective, and is now used in dozens of industries, including the electronics, automotive, semiconductor, aerospace and medical sectors.

We have put together many extensive articles on how laser cutting works and some of the varied applications that it is useful for, so in this piece below we wanted to show you 5 great YouTube videos demonstrating laser cutting instead.

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Laser cutting is used everyday to cut steel, one of the most widely used metals in the world

#1 The Making of…The SPI Dragon

We wanted to start off with one of our very own videos, demonstrating the laser cutting of reflective metals. Reflective metals are the hardest metals to cut, as they are able to reflect beams that hit them back at the source.

This has posed a big problem for other types of lasers, such as gas laser cutters, but the newer fiber laser technology, which we manufacture here at SPI Lasers, has solved this issue.

This has resulted in us being able to cut this metal with ease to create intricate shapes, as demonstrated in the laser video above.

#2 Can a Laser Cut Pumpkins?

Laser cutting can be used to cut through a huge number of materials, including metal, silicon, plastic and gemstones such as diamonds. However, laser cutting is also useful for other instances as well, such as for the cutting of human tissue in the medical sector. It is also useful for artistic purposes, where we have seen people laser cut food for art.

Then, there is always just the fun of testing what else lasers can cut! This laser video above demonstrates the laser cutting of a pumpkin, our fiber lasers wouldn’t be able to cut a pumpkin but we thought it would be interesting to see wider laser cutting capabilities.

#3 Cutting Glass with Laser – 2.5w Blue Module


A material that a laser is great at working with is glass. This is obviously a very delicate and intricate process as the necessary steps have to be taken to ensure that the glass doesn’t crack or break; something that conventional methods aren’t able to handle.

#4 How to cut through double the thickness. Using 50W Chinese Laser Cutter

Wood is another material that is often cut using the CO2 laser cutting process. This type of laser process can be controlled to great levels by the user, meaning he or she can manipulate beam intensity, heat output and duration. Because of this, laser cutting can be used to cut through all variations of thickness of wood, and many other materials for that matter.

Laser cutting has helped to transform industrial processes

Laser cutting has helped to transform industrial processes


Image credits: Ian Mustafa and Life of Pix

#5 redPOWER 3kW Fiber Laser cutting 2mm stainless steel snowflake baubles

The final video is another video from us here at SPI Lasers. We wanted to demonstrate other ways that you could create decorative and intricate shapes using laser cutting, here in the form of snowflake baubles cut from stainless steel.

What else can laser cutting do? Contact us to find out!

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