Make Your Mark with SPI Lasers

Why work for SPI Lasers?

From the very early days SPI Lasers has been an innovative, dynamic, fast-paced, place to work, which makes it exciting and motivating. The ethos of the company has always been to empower its employees at all levels and to supply the resources to enable them to deliver the advanced technological solutions required by our customers.

“…believes in collaboration and communication at all levels…”

In a high-energy, focused and open environment, our employees are respected for their teamwork and the contributions they make as individuals.

The company believes in collaboration and communication at all levels, which in turn increases productivity and creativity within the working environment.

Quality, integrity, and real customer focus, combined with excellent relationships amongst customers, investors, partners, and fellow employees, are the core values of the company, which help us stimulate our growth and add the best solutions.


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“…The ethos of the company has always been to empower its employees…”



New starters will encounter their first development experience from the word go, with our comprehensive induction programme that provides a consistent, informative, and professional joining experience for all personnel.

“…a comprehensive understanding of how the entire business operates…”

The induction process is designed to ensure all colleagues new to SPI attain a comprehensive understanding of how the entire business operates, not just the department where they will be based, but all departments throughout the company.

Learning & Development


We believe that supporting individual growth and development puts us in the best position to deliver for our customers, and helps us to attract and retain talented individuals. Regardless of role or organisation level, everyone has the right to realise their potential and has access to a range of development opportunities, ranging from short courses on specific skills, a full suite of virtual and distance learning through to management, leadership, and talent programmes.

“…everyone has the right to realise their potential…”

We provide learning and development that enables our employees to have the skills they need to be their very best, now and in the future.

All of our colleagues are individuals, so we recognise that training needs to be personalised – whether working in Finance or Production, we have the right training plan for each of you.

Everyone knows that training is important but to us it is crucial. When we recruit someone it is a clear sign that we have seen their potential and we want to develop that.  We set high standards in everything we do and training is no exception. No matter where you start you’ll have access to extra training and be given the opportunity to progress within the organisation.  You’ll be encouraged to extend your skills and knowledge, as well as take on new responsibilities. Our aim is to ensure all our colleagues reach their full potential.

“…we recognise that training needs to be personalised…”