What SPI Lasers Do

Put simply we are a leading manufacturer of industrial Fiber Lasers, used in 1000’s of manufacturing applications across the globe, starting with marking smart phone cases for some of the world’s biggest brands, onto metal material processing used by the aerospace industry, and finishing with plastic welding of automotive headlamps for major car manufacturers.

As is indicated by the name, a Fiber Laser delivers a beam of Laser light via a Fiber Optic cable, as opposed to the conventional alternatives. The main difference is that most require adjustments and replacement parts, whereas Fiber Lasers are all solid-state and largely monolithic, meaning there are no parts to adjust or replace.

The key customer benefits:

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership as a result of lower maintenance costs, higher reliability and increased energy efficiency
  • Superior Performance as Fiber Lasers produce a higher beam quality across the entire power range
  • Improved User Operation with a Solid-state design and integrated Fiber delivery, which makes Fiber Lasers easy to operate, integrate into Laser-based systems, and service / repair
  • Compact Size and Portability  means products are typically smaller and lighter than traditional lasers, allowing them to be used in a variety of Laser applications
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of Applications due to their construction, setting specific beam parameters and pulse shapes as required

For more information please visit our company video and infographic page.

About SPI Lasers and What We Do