Key benefits

Reduced energy bills

Fiber lasers are up to ten times more energy efficient than traditional YAG or CO2 laser systems. Consuming little to no energy when not active, the annual energy savings can attract government grant funded energy efficiency programs for industry.

Faster processing

With instant laser turn on, pulsing rates to 500kHz, ability to vary pulse power, pulse energy, pulse width and repetition rates on-the-fly, fiber lasers deliver faster processing across a wide range of materials and applications.

Greater Reliability

Fiber lasers have no optics to adjust or align, and no lamps to replace. Maintenance is minimal and so utilization and up-times are maximized. The lasers really are designed as shop floor industrial tools.

Small manufacturing footprint

SPI lasers take little space within the machine system of which they are a part. Our largest units are only 5U high in a rack format. Multiple deployments of fiber laser based machines can show a significant improvement on factory productivity per meter square.

Single unit, multiple application

SPI pulsed and CW lasers can process across a wide variety of applications and materials, metals and non-metals. Try an application search and see the proof.

Our products (fiber laser ranges shown to scale)