Application - Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning is the process by which contaminants, debris or impurities (e.g. carbon, silicon and rubber) are removed from the surface of a material by using laser irradiation. This is a low-cost and environmentally-friendly laser application technique, which is in widespread use throughout global industry.

There are two types of laser cleaning process, which are typically used:

  • One which is the removal of a layer on the surface of a material,
  • While the second is the removal of the entire upper layer of a material.

Industrial Uses


Laser cleaning is popular in a range of industries but especially in manufacturing where it is very often used to prepare surfaces for subsequent industrial processes such as painting and welding. It’s also a valuable for processes where working with materials such as glass, ceramics, metals, concrete and plastics, etc. are involved. The process  can also be applied to the cleaning of larger objects, e.g. rust removal on bridges or debris/contaminants removal on the surface of aircraft and trains, etc.



Laser cleaning applications use no solvents or chemicals so are a much more environmentally friendly approach compared to many traditional approaches to cleaning. In addition only removed materials need to be disposed of. Cleaning also offers additional benefits such as increased precision and improvements in process speed, so there are many benefits and advantages to be considered.

Laser Cleaning using SPI Lasers


SPI Lasers Fiber Laser range can be used for a variety of industrial laser cleaning applications, such as paint removal, preparation treatment, oil and oxides (e.g. rust) removal, mould cleaning, tool cleaning in addition to labelling and marking. Laser cleaning typically uses high repetition rates and short pulses with high peak powers. All of this is done without damaging the substrate materials and without making contact with the material surface.

Below you will find two types of documents to help increase your knowledge on the capabilities and applications of laser cleaning:

‘Applications Insights’ are detailed articles on specific applications.
‘Application Postcards’ are bite sized insights on specific applications, designed to be easily digested in a matter of minutes.

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Paint Cleaning

Application Postcard
Posted on 17/01/2017

For applications that require delicate removal of surface coatings without affecting the base material, pulsed fibre lasers are the perfect tool. Laser cleaning can be applied to various materials including metals, plastics, composites and glass.... read more >

Fiber laser cleaning can be used to remove paint or coatings from a surface

Fiber Laser Cleaning Applications

Application Insight
Posted on 09/09/2016

Fiber laser cleaning is the process by which a surface is cleaned by having any impurities, oxides, dust, oil or other materials removed. This is done by using a fiber laser with high repetition rates and high peak powers, but in short pulses, so as... read more >

Cleaning Steel Moulds

Cleaning Steel Moulds

Application Postcard
Posted on 14/10/2015

Our Lasers can be used for a range of cleaning applications. These applications typically use high repetition rates and short pulses with high peak powers. The intention is to remove surface debris and contaminated layers without damaging the... read more >