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Fiber Laser Process Tools

Supplementing our redPOWER CW Fiber Lasers with a modular range of welding and cutting focus heads.

A Range of Versatile Process Tools

In manufacturing one size does not fit all, which is why we offer a range of specialist process tools. Our re-collimation units, cutting and welding heads are modular in design so a package can be tailored to your unique needs.

Ease of use: The interchangeable lens module with fast-change cover slide and focus lens cell mean it is easy to swap lenses according to the application. A variety of diffraction-optimised lens sizes are available for our Fiber Laser range.

Fine focus control: For single mode Fiber Lasers using a typical 1:1 imaging onto the work piece, the Rayleigh range is only 100µm. To optimise kerf width and cut quality, the focus position must be fine-tuned. Therefore, our cutting heads feature a high resolution (<50µm) real-time control of the focus position over a ±2.5mm range. This eliminates the need to move the whole process tool, which would affect the stand-off position.

Assisted gas flow: The gas routing into the nozzle is optimised for maximum velocity, uniformity and extended parallel flow to achieve the best possible cut. The gas flow is integrated so there are no unsightly external gas pipes to interfere with part access.

Air knife: For welding applications, we offer an air knife, which delivers high velocity airflow across the cover glass to efficiently deflect weld spatter and extend the cover glass life.

Through the Lens (TTL) illumination: This integral light allows users to clearly see their welding and cutting applications, when using the CCTV camera option.

Height-sensing cutting head: Available for our Fiber Laser range, with or without viewing capability, our height-sensing cutting head automatically detects contours in the processed material. Any variations from set focus positions triggers an error correction signal.

Robust, compact design: Time and money are precious commodities for any business. Therefore, our process tools are robustly designed to be maintenance-free, even in the most demanding applications. They also fit compactly into small spaces so users are not faced with the prospect of redesigning their workstation enclosure.

Fiber Laser Process Tools

A complete range of industrial focusing heads and optics solutions designed to optimise the exceptional beam quality of our range of CW Fiber Lasers for your applications.

  • Range of diffraction limited focusing optics for optimal performance;
  • Range of cutting & welding heads;
  • Spot sizes from 8µm to 90µm;
  • Fine focus adjustment on cutting heads;
  • Integrated co-axial assist gas delivery system;
  • CCTV viewing with Through The Lens (TTL) illumination;
  • Sealed to industrial standard IP54 for use in the most demanding environments;
  • Easy access to cover glass and focus lens;
  • Range of options to increase application flexibility.


Luminator™ Process Tools

A complete range of industrial focusing heads and optics solutions for cutting, welding and heat treating.

  • Spot sizes from 100µm to 2.5mm;
  • CCTV viewing options for static and robotic applications;
  • Sealed to industrial standard IP54 for working in the most demanding conditions;
  • Cutting nozzle routes gas through the focus head for improved process results.
  • Straight and right angle focus heads with a range of cover glasses, air knives and process gas options.


Luminator™ Fiber Optics

A standard feature on our redPOWER CW Lasers.  Complete field-retrofittable upgrade packages are available for some of our previous generation Lasers; ask your sales representative for more information.

  •  Plug-In Pre-Aligned (PIPA) coupling eliminates manual fiber alignment, dramatically reducing fiber change times;
  •  Patented termination design helps eliminate back reflection when welding highly reflective materials;
  •  Integral fiber monitoring system;
  •  Optional BendLock for robotic applications;
  •  Standard fiber optic lengths: 5m, 10m, 15m, 30m and 50m.


Fiber Laser Scan Head System

A modular range of flexible scanning components, providing a complete solution to your high speed processing applications. The scan head is driven by our powerful and fully integrated FiberView™ Scanning Head User Interface (SHUI).

Our Scanning System has been specifically designed to enhance the processing capabilities of our range of redPOWER CW Fiber Lasers, enabling the beam to be deflected precisely and quickly to any location across the working area.


  • A fully integrated, intuitive, user-friendly interface (FiberView™) giving seamless programmability of scanner and laser parameters;
  • High speed, high precision and repeatable seam welding, spot welding;
  • Cutting focus spot diameters from 15µm to 300µm;
  • Operational scanning fields up to 290mm x290mm;
  • Pre-emptive laser control with self-optimisation, providing maximum process speed for all scanning conditions;
  • Scan control unit;
  • Provides power supplies to drive scan head;
  • Optional video capture modules.

Scan Head User Interface (SHUI)

SHUI is a self optimising, pre-emptive system that is seamlessly integrated with a selection of products from our redPOWER CW Fiber Laser range.

  • Windows based for easy integration;
  • Compatible with our Laser Scanning Systems;
  • Single software application for managing and monitoring all laser and scan head control functions;
  • Rapid product set-up simulation mode allowing real time mirror position adjustment and live product image view;
  • Fast switching between different parameter sets used within a single process;
  • Laser and scanner head sequences are automatically generated as part of a single set-up process;
  • Scan head profile may be viewed on FiberView™ or LaserView SE™ Process Vision display screens;
  • Offers spot weld, seam weld and vector cutting modes.

Scan Head Image


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